Chain of Command – Too Fat Lardies WWII rules on sale

Too Fat Lardies are currently have their Platoon-Level World War II rules, along with most of their related supplements and accessories, on offer with a somewhat tongue-in-cheek sale promotion with up to a 20% discount on its retail price.

So, whether it is the rules themselves, tokens, dice or any of the numerous campaign supplements (most are now only just over £3!) that you need, you can order them all from the Too Fat Lardies new webstore.

Chain of Command is my all-time favourite set of wargames rules – I highly recommend them and would encourage you to take full advantage of this offer…


3 Comments on Chain of Command – Too Fat Lardies WWII rules on sale

  1. I have to say I am not really sure why Rich would not have incorporated the several pages of errata in the reprint. Not saying a second edition is needed but there were some errors in the Army Lists which could have been easily fixed. With these corrections I would have been happy to buy the second printing while having every version of the first printing.


  2. Gonzalo Cifuentes // September 19, 2016 at 18:57 // Reply

    It’s a 15% disocuntm not 20%

  3. Have to say that I like the game very much but the book would really benefit from a reorganization of content and reprint. I find it to be the most difficult rulebook to use in game I ever tried. If you add the errata perhaps a second edition would not be a bad idea…

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