On the painting table w/c 26th September 2016

Following a week in which most of my free time was taken up with podcast editing, I have actually managed to apply some model paint – not much, but at least I’ve got some stuff assembled and started.

I decided that I needed to finish painting my current Terran Alliance force for Planetfall, adding to existing army.

I’ve got a Ground Attack Helix and a Ground Command Helix on the painting table – lots of infantry and some big vehicles!

I had a couple of delays with these as the Missile Launcher was missing from the Slepnir and I managed to lose an arm sprue for my Huscarl Heavy Infantry. Spartan sent replacements for both with minimum fuss (I even offered to buy the arm sprue, as it was my fault that I lost it, but they sent it me for free anyway).

I’m hoping to get most of this finished this week.

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