New Dwarves on Kickstarter from Macrocosm

How could I have missed this from my latest Kickstarter update?* DWARVES!

Macrocosm Miniatures are running a Kickstarter project entitled Dwarves at Arms.


They are producing two (or, if they get that far, three) ranges of 28mm Dwarves inspired by historical armies. The first two are Norman Dwarves and Crusader Dwarves. If they get that far, the £5,000 stretch goal is for Northmen Dwarves (That would possibly be a heavenly combination: Dwarven Normans and Vikings to play Saga with…)



These look very good indeed. The project is already funded, and is running until the 30th October, so plenty of time yet to achieve stretch goals…which include these, which really are a must have…


(Yes I know we already have these in their human form, but these are Dwarf versions!)

These are due for delivery in January 2017. Packs are available for £8 during the Kickstarter, with a bit of extra discount at some of the higher pledge levels.

*Actually, it just goes to show that companies should be careful about naming their projects, to ensure that projects are picked up on keyword searches using the Kickstarter search engine.

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