A few pictures from Derby…

Last Saturday was spent at the Derby World Wargames show.

I don’t know if it’s me, but over the last couple of years this show appears to grown in size, to the point where the venue actually seemed to be pretty full and packed – almost cramped.

There were a goodly number of traders there – I think I counted 85 on the program – which gives the punter a huge range of toys to choose from. Couple this with some great display and participation games (as well as the competitions) and you have a very good show indeed, one of my “don’t miss” shows in the wargaming calendar.

One of the only issues with the venue is the very strange fluorescent lighting, which gives a strange green/yellow hue to photographs – it’s not the greatest for this, so apologies for the way that some of the pictures look.

Another enjoyable day, with the chance to talk to lots of people. I must remember to actually use my portable recorder at shows next year, as it really is an ideal time to chat with all sorts of people!

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Mr Luff in attendance and Rich and Sidney hold court with Sharp Practice 2

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Scarab: The Somme – Zero Hour

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The Lead Commanders – Waterloo


Cheshire & Staffordshire Wargamers: First Bull Run

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And finally, my personal favourite from the day…

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2 Comments on A few pictures from Derby…

  1. Hi Neil, as a fan of the podcast it was good to meet you there, if only briefly. (I played against Dave in Rich’s Sharp Practice game – first left in your photo). Jeremy

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