Kickstarter Round-up: 7th October 2016

Once again I’ve searched the realms of Kickstarter for the newest wargaming projects, and here is what I found:


Warbands of the Cold North III


Red Box produce some stunning 28mm miniatures – this new collection are equally fabulous. Miniatures with a Nordic feel – warriors, rangers, mages of both sexes.

They even have a ‘Warband’ pledge of 10 miniatures – just right for a certain ‘Frosty’ wargame!

They have almost doubled their $5,000 funding goal, and have 9 days to go with the project. It finishes on the 16th October with delivery set for January 2017

Diehard Miniatures: Eru-Kin Expansion.


Tim Prow sculpts 28mm Oldhammer fantasy miniatures: Eru-Kin expansion (think not-Slann). Very good indeed.

The project has passed its £3000 goal by almost £1000 so far, and still has 24 days to go. Finished on the 1st November and delivery is due in May 2017.

ArcWorlde: Troubles in the North


ArcWorlde is a fantasy setting for a game of Warband combat, published by Warploquoe Miniatures. This next expansion is set in the cold North (where have we heard that before?) and brings several new factions to the game.

The miniatures are very good indeed (as anyone who has seen their first box set with Halflings and Trolls will tell you) so this is well worth a look. They are at 260% of their  £5000 funding target, with 24 days still to go.

The project finishes on the 31st October, with delivery due n May 2017.

Devil’s Dungeon – Nightmare Creatures


28mm Fantasy Miniatures from Dark-Art Studios. Some classic figures beautifully sculpted. They have surpassed their £3500 funding goal by a fifth so far, and still have 24 Days to go.

The project funds on the 1st November, with delivery planned between January and March next year.

10mm Fantasy Ogre Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures


10mm Ogres – the first in a range of miniatures for a new Fantasy game: Kings of the North. These look nice…

The project has passed its funding goal of £1000, and still has 25 days to go. If they reach £4000 they will be making Mammoth riders. Ogre Mammoth Riders – you know you want to…

Funds on the 2nd November with delivery in April 2017


The Small Terrain Studio Project


One of those Kickstarter projects that do what Kickstarter is meant to do (rather than just being a pre-order or marketing tool). This project is to help launch a business – Andy & Donna run a small cottage industry creating wargames terrain, and they want to improve their studio and boost the business.

The scenery they produce looks really good – I would recommend that you check this out. They are looking for £10,000, and are currently just over 17% funded, with 23 days to go. The project ends on the 30th October.

Warlocks Tower Wargaming bases


A really interesting idea from New Zealand company Warlocks Tower – produce scenic bases in plastic rather than resin, which makes them much easier to attach plastic figures to – wave goodbye to trying to pin a plastic figure to a resin scenic bases.

They are looking for $80,000 NZD to start this, and, to be honest, have barely dented their funding target. The project is running until the 3rd November.

RUST – A Futuristic Wasteland For Tabletop Miniature Gaming


Impudent Mortal are running a Kickstarter to produce MDF terrain with a difference – all the scenery is covered with adhesive transfers to cover the entire terrain piece.

The project has three funding levels, each of which provides enough scenery to cover a certain sized gaming table.

They have already exceeded 300% of their $1500 funding goal. The project is running until the 4th November, with delivery due in March 2017.

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