Dwarves At Arms Kickstarter ‘going a bit mad’

I’m pleased to say that the Dwarves At Arms Kickstarter from Macrocosm Miniatures seems to have taken off rather well, and they are producing all sorts of add-ons and stretch goals.

The original Crusader and Norman armies have been funded, and stretch goals have been reached to unlock Cavalry, Dwarf ‘Northmen’, Berserkers and Archers.


Next on the stretch goal list is a Dwarven ECW army (which will be unlocked at £7,000) and then a Roman Army (Unlocked at £8,000).

There are several add-ons, including various models for a Ogre army…


and Halflings…



I saw some of the Dwarfs at Derby show last week – these look really nice.


The project is running until the 30th October, with delivery due in January 2017.

1 Comment on Dwarves At Arms Kickstarter ‘going a bit mad’

  1. Cracking figures. Very tempting as opposition for my Kickstartered Westfalia Halfmen who arrived today.

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