Eureka Miniatures announce official 28mm Hawkmoon figures

On a recent podcast episode, a listener asked us what Intellectual Property we would most like to see as a miniatures range. Being a huge Michael Moorcock fan, Mike Hobbs replied “Hawkmoon”, which I enthusiastically agreed with.


chronicles-of-count-brassI remember reading a lot of Michael Moorcock in my late teens and early twenties, with may favourite characters being Elric (of course!) and Dorian Hawkmoon. The History of the Runestaff and the Chronicles of Count Brass were two story collections which received multiple readings during this time.

I often thought that the warriors of the Empire of Granbretan, with their various animal-headed armour (depicting their role in the army) would make for a fantastic wargaming force.

Eureka Miniatures have just announced they they are producing an official miniatures range, based on the Hawkmoon stories.

This statement appeared on their Facebook page:

28mm Hawkmoon!
Eureka, in association with Michael Moorcock, are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the warriors of the Kamarg.
Sculpted by Mick Darpa (Baron Meliadus figure by Alan Marsh) these figures represent the warriors and heroes who, in Moorcock’s classic Runestaff series, fought the spread of the evil Empire of Granbretan and include Count Brass and Hawkmoon. Also featured are the first of the rank and file (much more to follow!).

This is fantastic news – really looking forward to seeing what they will make of the Empire of Granbretan.

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