Kickstarter Round-Up – 25th October 2016

Here are the latest set of Kickstarter projects that have caught my eye in the last week or so…


Frazetta’s Masterpieces – DEATH DEALER


Although more of a collectors miniature, the fact that Kabuki Studio are producing this in both 1/24 and 1/50 scale means that it may be of interest. Based on the artwork of Frank Frazetta, this looks to be an awesome miniature.

Its reached 575% of its 4,000 EUR funding goal, and the project finishes on the 16th November, with delivery due in April 2017.

Iron Mask Miniatures Dwarf Musketeers: the Forlorn Hope


Iron Mask Miniatures are producing a large range of 28mm Dwarf Musketeers, building on their range which was funded by two previous Kickstarter projects.

The project has currently reached just under 50% if its $8,000 funding goal, and is running until the 13th November, with delivery due in December 2016.

Old School Miniatures Presents: The Daemon Cannon!


Designed to fit in with classic miniatures is this 28mm Daemon Cannon.

The project has reached 150% of its funding goal, and is due to finish on the 1st November, with delivery due in April 2017

Kung Fu Miniatures


Atomico are producing a range of heroic 28mm figures inspired by Kung Fu movies

The project has reached 125% of its $600 funding goal, and is running until the 31st October. Delivery is set for November 2016.

Miniature Games

DARK SKIES 1942: a 15mm aerial wargame


Set in a alternative World War 2, Dark Skies is an aerial wargame in which players can fight against each other, or against flying monsters in a world that has been invaded by eldritch horrors.

The project has already reached 8650 EUR (its funding goal was 500 EUR) and is due to finish on 15th November, with delivery set for April 2017.


Precinct 187


This is a Kickstarter project to produce 3D printer files for a typical American town.

Buildings include a town hall, a diner, a tenement building, a train and much, much more.

The project is already over 210% funded, and is running until the 22nd November. You can expect delivery in February 2017.

Corporation Set. Work&Resting Area. MDF Packable Terrain


Collateral Studios are looking to create a modular MDF terrain system with a sci-fi theme.

The project has reached 45% of its 6,000 EUR funding goal, and is running until the 22nd November. Delivery is due in February 2017.

Battle Systems™ Sci-fi II Terrain


Battle Systems are back with their 4th Kickstarter, this time returning to their sci-fi terrain to create a new collection with two different themes.

The project has already hit 400% of its £21,000 funding goal and runs until the 19th November, with delivery due in August 2017.


Portable Paint Station – take paints, minis & tools with you


A complete portable painting station, in three different sizes, designed for either dropper bottles or GW style paints, produced by War Mage Games of Germany

This project has already hit almost 900% of its 3,000 EUR funding goal. The KS is  running until the 21st November, with delivery due in February 2017.

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