Latest Podcast and Website stats: Jan – Oct 2016

October was something of a milestone month for us here at Meeples & Miniatures:

We had 14,736 total podcast downloads – the largest number of monthly downloads in a single month since April 2011. We have only had 5 months with more downloads than this between the period of December 2010 and April 2011, which was when we were publishing new video content every week.

We had the largest single month download of a podcast – Episode 180 (Combat Patrol) was downloaded 4,733 times during October.

October 23rd 2016 saw us surpass 100,000 podcast downloads for the year for the first time (Our total for 2015 was 95,994). By the end of the month this figure had reached 106,218.

We had 26,160 views on the website, from 10,730 visitors. Although this was down by 1,000 on September, it was from far fewer posts (I effectively had a week off from posting on the blog during October).

I am constantly blown away by the number of people visiting the website and listening to the podcast – thank you everyone. We will continue working to improve what we do.


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