Deep Madness Kickstarter breaks $1,000,000 in pledges

Deep Madness is a co-operative sci-fi horror boardgame, currently being funded on Kickstarter

At time of writing, the project has 66 hours to go, and this evening the amount pledged on the project has broken through the $1,000,000 mark – no mean achievement.

Whilst I’ve enjoyed playing the Arkham Horror games by Fantasy Flight (especially Elder Sign), they haven’t really grabbed my attention in the same way that this game has done. This looks to be, in move terms, Sphere meets Leviathan meets Deep Rising via Deep Star Six and a bit of added Event Horizon, all with a serious overdose of tentacles and some HUGE gribbly monsters…

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Couple this with lots of interesting characters to play (including some homages to famous film and PC Game characters), a large number of other, smaller monsters and a heavy dose of Lovecraftian overtones, and you have what appears to be a very interesting game indeed.


There have been several very miniatures-heavy boardgames on Kickstarter in recent years: Conan, Dark Souls and the Zombiecide games to name a few. This games appears to be another one – if the quality of the final minis are anything like what we’ve seem during the Kickstarter (and yes, miniatures for these games have improved over the last two or three years) then this should be well worth getting – I suspect that many of the monsters could find their way into skirmish games too…

Although we will have to wait a year (or more) for the final product (a time scale which at least appears to be vaguely realistic)  everything we’ve seen so far looks good.

A standard pledge will cost you $100 and will already net you over 150 miniatures with the game.

As I said, there are several of these style games around at the moment – the theme has sold this one for me.

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