Tabletop Hex Terrain Toolkit Kickstarter – a closer look

During last week’s Kickstarter round-up, one of the projects I highlighted was the Tabletop Hex Terrain Toolkit by Ross Kearns.

This is a laser-cut toolkit for making hex terrain.

I’ve been very interested in terrain making ever since we started making our own a couple of years ago, and hex terrain has always been of interest since I started playing Commands & Colors many years before that. This Kickstarter project looks to combine everything to give the everyday terrain-maker a tool kit that is relatively easy to use.

The hexes created by this at 100mm wide, corner-to-corner, which works out at about 3.5″ flat-to-flat, which is an ideal size for creating a Commands & Colors board. Would this work out more cost effective than simply buying Hexon Terrain? Probably only if you made more than a single board, to be honest


I’ve backed this project, as I really like the idea of creating this type of interlocking terrain system. I’m not really sure of how practical (or labour intensive) it will be in the long term, or whether this is better that simply buying terrain mats and using them over underlying features to create a rolling landscape.

Pledge levels range from £8 for a basic hex maker, right up to £65 for the full ‘deluxe’ set of tools. The project is running until 20:00 GMT on Saturday 3rd December, with delivery due in March 2017. At the moment, there is no mention on the project of this toolkit subsequently going into long-term production, or being available after the Kickstarter project has finished, so this could be a one-off chance to own this – although at this point that is sheer speculation on my part.

Ross has created a series of videos explaining how this toolkit is used – this is due to expand with ‘How to’ videos for each of the tools that he has created.



2 Comments on Tabletop Hex Terrain Toolkit Kickstarter – a closer look

  1. I was tempted by this, but ultimately the small size of the hexes, large amount of labour involved and relatively high price put me off. Hex systems aren’t very practical for taking to a club, either.

    I wish him all the best with the Kickstarter though, and hope it’s still available afterwards in case I ever change my mind.

  2. Yeah the high price of the 6 sheets… all it is, is 6 plasticard sheets from what I see? For 80 GBP? Doing it the old fashion way with cutting an outline seems faster and vastly cheaper.

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