The Podcast: The long and the short of it

As you may of noticed (and let’s face it, it would be difficult not to!) the podcasts have got much longer this year as we changed the format and introduced the regular segments of ‘What We’ve Been Up To’, ‘Hobby News’ and ‘Mailbag’ on top of our ‘main segment’, be that an interview or a review. As a result the running clock has gone through the roof.

Now, feedback for the new show format has been overwhelmingly positive, but I am constantly concerned about running time and the simple fact the shows are simply too long. I know some people have said ‘the longer the better’, but there comes appoint where it all becomes a bit too much

This last show, for example, has got completely out of hand – we’ve already released a news segment interview as it’s own show, and I’ve still got two interviews, plus our regular features, that I’m still editing, and if all these were put together into a single show it would be well over 4 hours long.

Something needs to be done…

So, I’m going to try an experiment I’ve had going around in my head for several months now, and that is to release more, smaller shows.

So, what was going to be a single show – 184 – will now end up being 3 different shows:

  • An interview with Dave Brown about new ACW rules Picketts Charge.
  • A Mid-November news and hobby round-up (need to come up with a ‘snappy’ name for that show…)
  • An interview with Richard Clarke about Reisswitz Press and Too Fat Lardies news.

These should not only be quicker to produce (I don’t have to edit everything and then out it together into a single show, but release segments as I finish editing them) but should also be easier on the ear, with no single show being in excess of two hours.

It may also mean that we could slot in the odd extra show when opportunities arise…watch this space.

It’s an experiment at this stage, and obviously we will appreciate your feedback in the coming weeks.

13 Comments on The Podcast: The long and the short of it

  1. Short or long, I’ll take M&M however it comes. The new format is certainly worth a try if it simplifies or at least spaces out the work on the back end.

  2. 2 hours is good. 30 min podcasts just get going and then finish 😀

  3. I have no problem with long shows but several more frequent shorter shows is good as well and to be honest would for me be preferred. M&M is my main source of hobby news and is much looked forward to.

  4. I agree with Pat G and take it at it comes. The experience sounds like a good idea and I do think the three items are sufficient to make their own show. What I do think is important is that you guys find a format that works from a practical point of view in terms of your ability to align the stars and getting time to edit the stuff afterwards. I think the show is brilliant at the moment and the new blog format and the regularity of blogs, with special mention to the Kickstarter round-ups, creates a very strong overall offering. Lab coats on and good luck with the experiment! “Professor Jenkins, We seem to have achieved a stable transformation of the matter into human shape. Oh gosh, oh no it has grown tentacles, again. Six inches it always grows six inches”.

  5. Whatever you decide, I’ll be happy to listen! I don’t mind long shows, as I listen via iTunes and it allows me to pause and restart any time, so it doesn’t matter if the show is 30 minutes or 5 hours – I listen during painting as long as I have time and make a break when I have to stop with hobby activities and do some ‘real life’ stuff…

  6. Exactly what cptshandy said ….. !!

  7. As long as you like chaps. Great painting company.

  8. Peter Millen // November 21, 2016 at 04:59 // Reply

    I like the long podcasts for the civilised (and yes, sometimes rambling) conversation. I note that Mike H often has the vital role of reminding the team to get back on-topic.

    But I will like shorter podcasts too if they are more frequent,

    In fact I just like the M&M podcast.

  9. Marcus Wheeler // November 21, 2016 at 10:10 // Reply

    Can I usefully agree with everyone!? But Peter Millens comment above is, I find, particularly apposite. I like the rambling conversation, and wouldn’t like to lose it.

  10. I have really enjoyed the new format this year, and given that I listen to them in chunks before nodding off to sleep most nights the length is irrelevant to me … the longer the better in fact 😉

  11. Nigel Maddaford // November 21, 2016 at 14:08 // Reply

    I generally listen in the car to and from work roughly 30 minutes at a time. Other than occasionally forgetting where I’d got to the length of each podcast is not an issue. Just keep making them and I’ll keep listening.

  12. I don’t care how I get your show especially if it’s gonna be essentially the same content. Long podcasts in general don’t bother me though since I’m listening to them at work, so as long as you keep it under 8 hours, I’m good.

  13. Steve Preston // November 24, 2016 at 00:51 // Reply

    Easy, send em out unedited…. what can a bit more waffle hurt 🙂

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