Kickstarter Round-up – 25th November 2016

With a metric shedload of high-profile Kickstarters currently running, there are not that many to talk about this week…


Ghosts of Gaia – Post Apoc Badass Female Miniatures 28mm


Although I posted a news story about this, I missed it from the following round-up, so it’s here for completeness…

Annie Norman at Bad Squiddo Games is launching a range of Post Apocalyptic female miniatures. The project is 850% funded and is running until 27th November, so get in quick. Delivery is due in February 2017.

Cultists of the Kraken Lord


Midlam Miniatures are back with their third Kickstarter, this time producing a set of 28mm Cultists with a definite tentacle tendency!

They are already almost 550% funded on their £900 target. The project is running until the 18th December, with delivery due in  February 2017.

Special Artizan Service Miniatures Presents: Contractor


This is the first project from SASM, producing a range of Modern 28mm miniatures, depicting civilian contractors working in Benghazi in 2012.

The project has already exceeded its $2,000 funding goal, and is running until the 31st December 2016. Delivery is due in April 2017.

Dystopian World Expansion


Spartan Games are expanding their Dystopian Wars game with a new 2-player set, new models and a new rulebook.

The project has reached 95% of its £50,000 funding goal, and is running until the 21st December. Delivery is due in March 2017


The WitchBorn: Enter Perdition


Something a bit different.

This is an expansion to an earlier tabletop game, The Witchborn. Players each play a war clan (made up of miniatures from the Reaper:Bones range, and they can fight each other and have adventures, which rather than being managed by a Games Master, are generated by a phone app…

The project gives backers the chance to purchase the priginal game as well as this expansion. It’s just reached its $22,500 funding goal and is running until 5th December, with delivery due in August 2017.

Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5


Yes, it’s back.

The original Kingdom Death Monster game was huge on Kickstarter, raising over $2M. It also delivered over 2 years late…

…but, by all accounts is rather good.

Now, they want to produce a new, updated version of the game with updated rules and new expansions.

It seems to be popular. It launched today, 25th November, and has already raised over $3,000,000!

Note, this project is effectively split into two – an upgrade pack and a new core game. It has to be noted that one of the reasons why this project has hit this total is that the pledge amount for the new core game is $250…

The project is running until 7th January 2017 and delivery is due in December 2020. Yes, that is not a misprint: December 2020.

Pay now, deliver in 4 years time. After the last project, I suppose they are managing expectations, but really?


Kraken Scatter Terrain – for 28 mm tabletop wargames


Kraken Wargames is running a project top produce a set of 28mm resin cast scatter terrain.

The project has already reached over 300% of its 3,000 EUR target, and is running until the 18th December. Delivery is due in May 2017.

Undertown – The seedier side of the ‘sphere.


One I almost missed!

Scenery Maestro’s Antenociti’s Workshop have become very well known for, amongst other things, their scenery for the Infinity sci-fi skirmish game.

This project is to produce pre-painted urban scenery for this game, and as the title suggests, this is perhaps the slightly down-market side of town.

The project has been very popular, hitting almost 600% of its £6500 target. You will have to be quick, as the project finishes on the 27th November. Delivery is due in May 2017.

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