50% off remaining Ex-Illis stock at Bastion

What’s this? Are Bastion and Ex-Illis rising, phoenix-like from the ashes? Unlikely. This more like a zombie rising from the grave to grab at your ankles.

Advertising on their Facebook page, Bastion (the company that brought you the computer moderated miniatures game Ex-Illis) have announced a 50% off sale of their remaining stock in the Bastion store.

Whilst many of the models are OK, their are some that are pretty good. Lucifer and William Wallace are both fine metal figures, and the Daemon Hordes figures are an interesting take on fantasy beastmen, being humans with bird or goat heads.

However , the best models by far are the Archangels, which can be made as either Angels or Nephalim, armed with huge 2-handed swords. These models really are very good indeed. They are large multi-part plastic kits (the miniatures are about 40mm tall – they are, after all, kick-ass angels/demons)


In addition, there are also selling the plastic gaming board set, which are around 4′ x 3′ in size, and are made up of 20 textured plastic tiles (each around 9″ square). These again are of very high quality, and it may well be worth picking up a set at 50% off. (Buildings /hills are not included)


Bastion’s FB post said ‘whilst stocks last’ so if you are interested, it’s probably worth getting in quick.

3 Comments on 50% off remaining Ex-Illis stock at Bastion

  1. Man I miss that game.

  2. you have to message them directly on facebbok if you want the 50% discount you cant do it via the store. I wish I knew someone who has a face book account 😉

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