Approaching 2017 – Some thoughts about the blog

As we approach the end of 2017, in what has been a fantastic year for Meeples & Miniatures (I’ll publish some facts and figures nearer the end of the year), my thoughts are obviously turning towards next year, and how I can potentially provide a better service for you, the reader.

Here are my initial thoughts – please feel free to leave your comments

Hobby News

Whilst I’ve posted certain bits of hobby news during the year, since this blog is (currently at least) a part-time affair, I cannot hope to keep up with the wealth of news that hits the hobby every single day.

Instead, what I’m proposing to do is to provide a weekly round-up of those stories that have particularly caught my eye – much in the same way as I do for Kickstarters at the moment – and will provide a little bit of comment as to why they are of interest.


Several readers have commented on how useful they find the weekly round-up of Kickstarter projects, so I will continue to run this. I don’t post every project I see – I am selective and only post those that I would consider backing myself (were I to have unlimited funds available!)


I have always intended Meeples & Miniatures to have lots of reviews online. This is perhaps where I have fallen behind the most in the past year or so. It’s my intention moving forward to try and publish at least one review every week on the blog, whether that be for a set of rules, some miniatures, terrain, or other book or publication. This could be where this starts to come unstuck…but you have to have a target, don’t you?


The editorial is where I get my chance to write about something in the hobby. As such, these are always going to be a little bit more sporadic in output, and I think writing one a week at this stage is perhaps a little too ambitious. However, I certainly hope to publish one or two a month.


The podcast is obviously the primary reason for this website being here in the first place! To be honest, we have yet to decide whether we are continuing with the recent weekly release schedule, or whether we will revert back to the fortnightly format. As ever, your feedback and comments on this are invited.

Hobby Articles

The one thing that has suffered most in recent months are the hobby articles on the site – be that painting or battle reports. I really enjoy writing these, but it tends to revolve around what I’m actually doing, hobby-wise, and my painting especially appears to have stalled since September. Perhaps I need something to give it a kick-start again. Either way, I’m hoping to continue producing these on a regular basis.


Taking that all into account, the plan is to continue publishing content on the website much in the same way as we do at present, but to be a bit more organised about it.The current plan looks something like this:

  • Saturday – Publish the latest Podcast episode, if one is scheduled.
  • Sunday – Publish an Editorial column, if I have one written
  • Monday – Publish a Kickstarter round-up for the previous week.
  • Wednesday – Publish a Review
  • Friday – Publish a Hobby News round-up of the week’s news that has caught my eye

This leaves Tuesday and Thursday to publish any more personal hobby-related articles.


We all know that no plan survives first contact with the enemy…but at least I have a plan in place. I’m almost ready for 2017.




10 Comments on Approaching 2017 – Some thoughts about the blog

  1. Peter Millen // December 21, 2016 at 13:34 // Reply

    (1) The podcast should be paramount, there are many blogs, but few podcasts that focus on historical wargaming. I am content with your ‘focused and frequent’ approach.

    (2) I am un-fond of Kickstarter and would not grieve if you omitted it but I think I am in the minority.

    (3) For the rest, whatever best floats your boat.

    (4) Happy Christmas.

  2. Mate, it leaves Tuesday and Thursday to TAKE A BREAK. You’ll burn yourself out! Play a game! I agree with Peter above – the podcast is paramount. Make that your mantra. 🙂

    About the rest – I don’t care that much about reviews. I’ve found lately that most reviews are published after one read-through the rules. I’m more in favor of something like the blog Delta Vector does — really dissects the mechanics. Here is what I would do instead of a review – publish a “I’m really enjoying this game” like the Conan articles. In other words – don’t waste time on trying to review everything. Just let us know what your’re playing lately.

    I like the Kickstarter roundups but don’t spend more than a glance at them generally. But occasionally you put up a gem and then I really appreciate it. I do think they are kind of the cutting edge in some ways since so many companies use Kickstarter lately so it’s fun to see what people are up to. Most importantly I think you enjoy putting those up so keep doing it if you enjoy it.

    Also – koff – View from the Veranda? I’ll trade everything else (other than the podcast) for a semi-regular View.

  3. Alex Woodrow // December 21, 2016 at 15:23 // Reply

    I agree – make the podcast the priority and leave some time to enjoy the hobby yourself. Don’t try and do everything! Oh, and I like the current shorter but more frequent podcasts – looking forward to the Xmas edition!

  4. John Sharman // December 21, 2016 at 17:02 // Reply


    I love the podcasts so the more the merrier. My painting output greatly benefits when I listen to the podcast. Love keeping in touch with what you and your co-presenters are doing. The general discussions on wargames topics is great. Interviews really good.

    I do not read reviews or much else on screen. Be careful not to over burden yourself with these non-podcast items.

    Best Wishes for the Christmas and New Year

    Benson, Oxfordshire

  5. Just to echo – the podcast is paramount and I have no interest in KS. View from the Veranda? More please though I wouldn’t them too often or the sparkle might wear off.

    For the podcast either the one long or several short format is fine with me. What I like about the short shows though is that they allow me to skip over topics I am not keen on or that would present too great a threat to my wallet. A shorty every week or every other week would meet the need so be sure to take time for yourself and your family.

  6. I agree with the above, podcast first…but I never skip a bit!

  7. So on Tuesday and Thursday you will either catch up on sleep or interact with your family?

  8. Building on what a number of other people have said, the podcast has to come first.

    I’m sure I’m not the only person who listens to your show while I’m painting or traveling somewhere. The beauty of your podcast, at it’s very core, is it’s like hanging out with friends while I’m doing the hobby that we all love – it’s like we’re all there together sharing something. This is why I actually like listening to you ramble on about cake for 10 minutes! I can paint and listen, I can game and listen, I can browse online for my next project and listen…. I cannot do any of these things and read a review at the same time.

    Also, I think it’s really important to realize, the longer you spend updating the site with so many features, as useful as they may be, it’s taking away from your time playing games and really being in the hobby, which is ultimately what makes the show so endearing. My favorite part of your show is listening to what you guys have been up to, it’s actually the one downside to the latest shorter shows you’ve been doing, it’s straight down to business with the interview.

    The last observation I’ll throw out – I also follow a number of Vloggers charting their hobby updates, and I’ve noticed a wholesale drop-off in the number of updates they’ve been doing over the past few months. I can tell why – putting those videos together is labor intensive and they’ve got burned out. I would not want the same to happen to you because you’re trying to do to much!

    You can’t please everyone, but I hope this makes sense. Happy gaming!

    P.S. I’m with Mike W on what make a perfect Christmas Cake.

  9. I really like the new podcast format. Perfect in my view.
    Great stuff!
    God Jul to you and the rest of the gang.
    Now I’m off to our pre-Jul dinner of ham and newly home-baked bread (vörtbröd for those who knows this stuff). Been all day in the kitchen.

  10. Chris Robinson // December 23, 2016 at 21:26 // Reply

    I’m also a fan of the more frequent but shorter and focused podcasts, and I like the round-up style of reporting for KS’s and now hobby news. For me, reviews tend to be looked at when I’m keen on finding out a particular product, which can often be months or years after it hits the streets, so I probably don’t appreciate them as much as I should when they’re “fresh”.

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