How much is your Wargaming collection worth?

Back in episode 185 of the podcast, we discussed a question on the mailbag, which ended up including the question of “How much is your collection worth?”

It’s a very valid question, especially in these days of itemised house insurance – would your miniatures be classed as a specialist collection? If so, they may well need to be itemised.

Luckily, help is at hand, as it appears that other minds have been at work on this thorny issue. Peter Riley and David Pead have put together a website – the Wargamer Collection Calculator – which will help you with the answer to just such a question. It will also enable you to keep track of your collection, as you can upload photos and descriptions of al your models.

Thank you Peter and David for your hard work in putting this together.

2 Comments on How much is your Wargaming collection worth?

  1. Funny, I just wrote an article about “collectibles” on my own blog:

  2. The answer has two parts. The replacement cost of said items and the sale value of said items. The former may be higher than the latter.

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