Review of 2016 -Painting & Modelling

Terran Alliance Core Helix

Despite the fact that my hobby production dropped off dramatically in the last quarter of 2016, given my lack of production in previous years, I’ll take this year as a massive improvement.

At the start of the year, I was concentrating on getting my WW2 German Heer forces for Chain of Command painted, along with several pieces of scenery.


DSC_0014This was aimed at us running a game at Operation Market Larden in June.

wp-1468162497505.jpgAfter this event, I then got a little distracted with playing some Saga, as I was helping out Per Broden at the Joy of Six show. I started to try and complete my Norman and Breton Saga force, but this stalled after I undercoated a large number of Norman cavalry.

I then started painting my Terran Alliance force for Planetfall, which I got about 2/3 way through.


Terran Alliance Core Helix

After that, we played a few other games and then got distracted by Conan, so not many miniatures games played towards the end of last year.

So, lots of stuff started, but little finished.

So what’s the plan for 2017?

Basically, I’ve got to look at finishing what I started in 2016, and then see where we go from there.

So this includes:

  • Making gardens for our 15mm WW2 Normandy buildings
  • Finishing painting my 15mm German forces, which includes a number of vehicles and 2 more platoons: Fallschirmjager and SS.
  • Painting my ‘other’ Chain of Command force: US Infantry
  • Painting my Terran Alliance force for Planetfall – I’ve had some more miniatures for Christmas to complete my army.
  • Finishing my Norman / Breton force for Saga.

Once those jobs are done, then I can look at some new projects – these are most likely to be:

  • 15mm French Indian War for Sharp Practice 2
  • Paint my Halo Fleet Battles fleets
  • Paint my Brewers Guild team for Guild Ball.

So, lots to do. In order to achieve this, I’ve really got to get back into the groove that I was in earlier in the year, which means try to achieve the ’30 minutes a day’ painting that Henry Hyde was promoting near the start of last year. I’ll give it a go – watch this space…

8 Comments on Review of 2016 -Painting & Modelling

  1. Have you ever made a painting tutorial? I’m learning, but I have some nice minis I want to do a really good job on.

  2. 30 minutes per day painting is also one of my resolutions for the new year (together with losing some weight and not start any new project until I have everything else assembled and painted) and I think one of the keys to succeeding is to have an always ready painting station without too many models on the table! Once you get more than 15-20 figures, perhaps even different scale-period-genre, then you can be overwhelmed. I count on my desk at the moment at least 5 different armies, 2 scales, too many vehicles and some small scenery pieces, that’s a table set for failure 😦

    • I found that it worked best for me when I had small targets.
      For example, with my Chain of Command force, we were going to be playing a series of scenarios. I looked at each scenario in turn, and wrote a list of all the models that I needed to paint, then I worked my way through it, one scenario at a time.
      Obviously the biggest batch was the original Infantry platoon, but after that, I was painting batches of 4-5 support vehicles and tanks. It definitely made it much easier to paint the army – so much more rewarding than the ‘production line’ of 30+ figures…I think that is partly why I stalled.

  3. John Sharman // January 2, 2017 at 10:55 // Reply

    Good to take stock of what is still to be painted. I have been painting so much for other people that I have not done many of my own figures. I have however finished a large amount of 15mm French Indians Wars figures that I am going to use with SP2. I would be happy to use them if you want a game.

    Bargain of the year! Wyevale Gardens Centres are selling off sets of 9 fir trees with snow effect at £1.99 per pack!!! 50% off. They vary in size so will suit many scales. They sell them as Christmas accessories. Got some last year about end of January for 99p per pack. Go grab some.

    Happy New Year

    South Oxfordshire

    • That’s a great tip John, thanks.
      What figures did you use for your 15mm FIW? We’ve been looking at Blue Moon. The only problem I have currently found is the distinct lack of character figures for scenarios.

  4. John Sharman // January 2, 2017 at 19:24 // Reply


    I have also used Blue Moon as they have a varied range. There are no real characters figures but I guess this is where using 15mm has it drawbacks.


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