Kickstarter Round-up – w/c 9th January 2017

It’s been two or three weeks since my last look at crowdfunding, so some of the projects here are nearing their end-date.


Darklands: Starter Hosts


Mierce Miniatures are running a project so that backers can get Starter Hosts for their Darklands fantasy battle game. A host comprises of a Commander, a 10 model infantry unit and a 5 (or) model monstrous infantry unit, and are available in metal or resin.

The kickstarter is just over halfway to its £10,000 funding goal, and finished on the 17th January. Delivery is due in February 2017.

German Gebirgsjäger WWII 28mm


German company Heer46 are looking create a new range of 28mm metal World War II miniatures, depicting the German Gebirgsjager (Mountain Troops – you know, the ones that Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood disguised themselves as in Where Eagles Dare)

They have currently reach almost 400% of their 2,000 EUR funding goal, with the project due to finish on 30th January. Delivery is due in August 2017.


Streetscape: 28mm wargaming buildings


Phillip Page has relaunched his Kickstarter which was unsuccessful last year.

Streetscape allows gamers to have 28mm scale houses at a lower cost. They use MDF building shell, clad with resin front, back and roofs, so you get resin detail, but not at the full resin cost.

The project has reach 80% of its £1,000 funding goal, and is running until the 8th February, with delivery due in March 2017.


Sherman Leader


Sherman Leader is the latest in the ‘Leader’ series of solo card wargames from Dan Verssen Games. Previous games include Hornet Leader, Phantom Leader and U-Boat Leader. The project also allows backers to get ‘Tiger Leader’.

In Sherman Leader, you command an American group of tanks, armored cars, trucks, half tracks, and infantry squads. You get to choose your campaign. Anything from 1942 North Africa to 1945 Berlin, and everything in between

The project has raised over 400% of its $20,000 funding goal, and is due to finish on the 15th January, with delivery due in June 2017.

Anarchy War


Anarchy War is a sci-fi themed dungeon crawl/board game using 28mm plastic miniatures by Riccardo Aversa. Looking at the project, it appears that the miniatures will be 3D printed.

The project has reached just over 5% of its 40,000 EUR funding goal, and is running until 1st February 2017, with delivery due September 2017.

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