Hobby News Round-up: w/e 15th January 2017

Here is some of the news from around the hobby that has caught my eye this week:

New tank battle game coming from Too Fat Lardies


Picture courtesy of Nick Skinner

There has been an announcement made on the Too Fat Lardies Yahoo Group about their next game:

“Nick has been working on some tank combat rules for some time now and over the past fortnight we have been plying those and refining his ideas. Anyway, I can now say that it is officially on-line to be the next rule set that TooFatLardies publish. We played two fantastic games last night, the first wth two Shermans facing two Panzer IVs, the second with three Shermans taking on a Panther. These are fun and frantic rules where each player commands his own tank (maybe two or three for big games) and will have an infantry elements to them, but very much viewed from the tanker’s perspective. A typical game lasts an hour or so. If you have twitter you can see last night’s game in living colour.”

The Twitter account is @TooFatLardies.

This takes me right back to when I started the hobby, as I first used the Operation Warboard rules to fight tank battles on my bed and bedroom floor. Really looking forward to these!

Sam Mustafa tells us about Rommel

rommelAs you are probably aware, some of us at Meeples & Miniatures have had some small involvement with the next project to come from Sam Mustafa, namely Rommel.

Sam released a podcast this week in which he introduces the new game – we are hoping to have him on the show in the not-too-distant future to discuss the game and its development.

Warlord Games Store

83e082c9-2d03-4f45-80e0-80dd742e1c04Warlord Games Store is now open (just up the road, well not far away – I shall have to take a wander up)

They are having a grand opening weekend at the end of January.

New Napoleonic Plastics from Warlord

Warlord has teased us in their latest newsletter with the box art of two new plastic box sets to be released this year, as the British heavy cavalry are coming for their Napoleonic range

 Tiny Wargames produce cardboard gaming mats

d9f9ec_2852d1104e654ea69ab1f25ab209e688mv2Tiny Wargames, who produce all sorts of types of different battlemats are looking to produce a new range of foldable coloured cardboard gaming mats in any of their textures: grass, desert, sea etc – these are being produced in sizes up to 6′ x 4′.

These look interesting, as long as the cardboard is of decent quality. I will reserve final judgement on these until we see them in the flesh.

Crooked Dice running pre-order deal for new annual for 7TV

1967annual-cover-600pxCrooked Dice are releasing a new expansion for the 2nd Edition of 7TV.

The 7TV 1967 Annual is a new 64-page compendium which includes campaign rules, new stars and co-stars, new episode guides and a whole new set of cards, plus a whole host of other bits and pieces.

The expansion will be available as a PDF, a softback book and a full new set of cards. There is a pre-order campaign for this expansion running until the 6th February.

Combat Patrol release free Napoleonic Rules

1884818640aBuck Surdu has released a new expansion for his World War II skirmish wargame rules Combat Patrol.

This is a free expansion, and adds a new skin to the game, as it now bases the rules in the Napoleonic era.

Full details can be found on the Sally 4th website.

Raging heroes release Bikes & Trikes

1trike_ie_fig2__82408_1416415096_1280_1280_grandeRaging Heroes have released new Bike squads and Combat Trikes for their Toughest Girls in the Galaxy range.

This is a pretty stylised range of miniatures, and being resin they are not cheap, but the bike and trike kits have a certain OTT sci-fi charm to them.


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