Kickstarter Round-up: w/c 16th January 2017


4th Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group


ArmiesArmy have just launched a crowdfunding project to raise funds to create a new addition to their Cold War range of miniatures – 4th Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group.

Called ‘KickOff’, this project is looking to fund both infantry and vehicles for this force.  The project is looking for £4,000, and is running until the 5th February


Tabletop Tyrant Miniature Wargaming Storage / Model Cases


Local Leicester company Tabletop Tyrants are running a Kickstarter to fund/order their new range of figure cases.

The project has already reached over 8x its £500 funding goal, and is running until the 5th February. Delivery is due in March 2017.


This Hard & Calcined Earth


Vexillia Limited is running their own crowdfunding campaign – a VexStarter – for their World War II card game This Hard and Calcined Earth. This is to pre-order a set of cards for the game (rather than printing your own cards if you purchase the game from Wargames Vault). They are after a minimum of 40 orders to make the print run viable.

Napoleon 1806


With Napoleon 1806, in 1 to 2 hours, two players will relive the clashes between Prussian and French at the heart of the imperial conquests of Napoleon the 1st, which culminated in the battles of Auerstaedt and Jena

This game has reached just under 50% of its 20,000 EUR funding goal. Its running until February 10th with delivery due in October 2017.

Alchemical Crystal Quest


This is a fantasy co-operative miniature boardgame for 1-4 players.

You take the role of an alchemist’s apprentice wizard. The evil sorcerer Darkthony wants the 7 Crystals of Power that exist in the Bat Islands. He has kidnapped the Guardian Wizards, and has sent his army of gamusinos to bring him the Crystals. Along the way, you will face various enemies that Darkthony has sent to impede your quest to rescue your alchemy teacher , Blue Hat, who is being held captive in Darkthony’s castle

The game currently has 119 miniatures – it’s already hit over 400% of it’s $25,000 funding target, and is running until 9th February. Delivery is due in November 2017.

Vanguard of War


Vanguard of War is a new co-op tower defense game with some fantastic looking miniatures from Archon Studios.

Vanguard of War is a 1-4 player game focused on the defense of a small church deep inside the decaying ruins of a once great city now known only as “the Whispers.” Players will use their heroes to hold the line against seemingly endless waves of demons while their allies inside the church desperately attempt to learn how to use the fel army’s own doomsday weapon against them.

The game has already reached over 400% of their $45,000 funding goal, and is running until the 1st February. Delivery is due in December 2017.

Day Night Z


Hey look, its yet another zombie miniature game…

Day Night Z is a survival miniatures game with two different ways of playing. The game has reached over 400% of its 40,000 EUR funding goal, and is running until the 12th February. Delivery is due in December 2017.



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