On the painting table – 19th January 2017

wp-1474873986687My model painting stalled at the end of September last year – there wasn’t a particular reason for it, I just always seemed to have something else to do!

Whilst I managed a few hours over Christmas, I decided this week that I really needed to buckle down and get something done.

I again went back to the advice of a blog post from Henry Hyde to look at working for at least 30 minutes a day. So I started this on Monday of this week.

Obviously the first job is deciding what to do. I have two or three projects at the top of my list:

  1. Chain of Command – Finish my German forces for this game (all vehicles), plus paint two more platoons of Waffen SS and Fallschirmjager
  2. Chain of Command – Build more scenery, including gardens for all our current buildings
  3. Planetfall – Finish painting my Terran Alliance army
  4. Chain of Command – Paint my US army

Since I was half-way through painting a couple of Planetfall boxes, I decided to finish these, as it shouldn’t take me that long to do.


I’d done some work on my Ground Attack Helix, basically applying undercoat and basecoat to the miniatures. Over the past four days I’ve finished the job of basecoating, and then applied a black wash to all the minis.






I’m now at the stage where I can apply the main drybrush. This is a paint mix, so I wanted to ensure that the same colour is used across all the models at the same time. This next stage should transform the look of the minis.

Slow progress so far – I think I have to accept that I’m not the quickest painter in the world – but hopefully the next few days should see these close to being finished.


1 Comment on On the painting table – 19th January 2017

  1. Mark Skansberg // January 20, 2017 at 01:40 // Reply

    After over 40 years of wargaming, and painting dozens of armies, I came to a point of total honesty.
    I don’t like painting figures.

    I much prefer gaming and studying history. So I bit the bullet, and hired a fellow gamer that likes painting (and is better at it than I ever was). Now we are both happy. And I’m gaming more than ever.

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