Hobby News Round-up: w/e 20th January 2017

Here are a few of the pieces of news from around the hobby that caught my attention this week:

16114343_749661071853012_7537929458643202515_nCurteys Miniatures are releasing some new Romano British Heavy Cavalry.

Pictures appeared on their Facebook page earlier this week. They are due to be released at the Vapnartak show or soon thereafter.

saga_aetius__arthur_supplement_preorder_55581That will be just in time for the new Aetius & Arthur supplement for Saga, which is currently available for pre-order from Gripping Beast (along with a new set of custom dice).

This new Saga book is due for release in early February and is currently priced at £27.00 on the Gripping Beast website.

chieftan-mbtArmiesArmy have just released a couple of new AFVs for their Cold War 1980s range of 15mm miniatures.

They have released the British Chieftain Main Battle Tank and the Abbot 105mm Self-Propelled Field Artillery.

These are available to buy as single models, but can be bought as a troop or squadron/battery with a discount.

The single models are priced at £8.00 and £7.00 respectively.


Crusader Miniatures have just released a new range of 28mm French Dragons Portés (Motorcycle troops). There are seven packs in the range, which a couple of groups of riflemen, a pack of SMGs, LMGs, Officers plus a HMG and Mortar. All packs contain 4 miniatures and are currently priced at £5.80.


Sarissa Precision have just released some new terrain in the Beyond the Gates of Antares range. The Algoryn Drop Fortress pictured looks rather nice. They have a range of several different buildings available. Dare I suggest you could use this scenery in other sci-fi games?


I’ve always been a fan of Alternative World War II games (Secrets of the Third Reich especially) so this new release from Warlord Games for their Konflikt ’47 game is just too cool to miss. Some troop types tend to crop up, no matter what the rules, and these Soviet Ursus infantry are one of these – for obvious reasons I think. A pack of three is priced at £24.00.

the great war

Following our recent podcast episode 0n the Commands & Colors system, it seems appropriate that PSC Games in conjunction with HexWar games have just released a digital version of Commands & Colors: The Great War.

The game has been released via STEAM, and is available for PC or Mac, priced at £14.99

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