Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 192 – Jim Bambra & Combat HQ

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Welcome to Episode 192 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast


In this show, hosts Neil Shuck and  Mike Whitaker talk to games designer Jim Bambra about his extensive work in the hobby. We also take an in-depth look at his latest set of WWII rules- Combat HQ

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 08:37 – Interview – Jim Bambra
  • 1:33:00 – Outtro

We hope you enjoy the show

2 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 192 – Jim Bambra & Combat HQ

  1. OK, interesting. I was somewhat perplexed by your comments at the end as to the lack of WW2 games using a platoon as the basic element. I could name a handful. In fact I will.

    Spearhead would probably be the best known although Command Decision probably gives it a run for its money in popularity. The post-war system A Fistful of TOWS I believe covers WW2 as well. The late Bruce Rea-Taylor’s Korps Commander was mostly a platoon-element game (though it messed about a bit with infantry units being bigger). Oh, and there’s Rapid Fire at about this level too! And finally, and my personal favourite, there’s TAC WW2 from TAC Publications, a game that very nicely covers the level of game I believe Jim Bambra is aiming to cover with Combat HQ. No criticism of Bambra intended but I wouldn’t say he’s ploughing an entirely new furrow.

    P.S. Large quantities of kudos to anyone who can spot the connection between TAC WW2 and a certain dank and airless dungeon beneath the premises of Messrs Baccus 6mm.

  2. This game sounds interesting. Uses the shooting mechanic from Crossfire. I have ordered a copy.

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