On the painting table – 31st January 2017

With one thing and another, I didn’t quite keep up with my 30-minute-a-day painting schedule like I’d hoped – I only managed a couple of evenings last week – which meant that I played catch-up over the weekend.

However, progress was made and my Ground Command Helix for my Terran Alliance force is about 70% complete.

I just have the Infantry to finish, the basing on the vehicles, plus matt varnishing to do. The Slepnir Command Barge is a big chunk of resin, which has been fun to paint.


I should finish these over the next couple of night, which leaves me with the decision of what to paint next.

Should I move back to my World War II forces, break open some more Planetfall boxes so that I have a complete Terran army, or make some terrain?

6 Comments on On the painting table – 31st January 2017

  1. Warwick West // January 31, 2017 at 13:07 // Reply

    Mate do you have a day job or win the lottery 😉
    Don’t know how you do it! But it’s about 30 degrees here and that’s 11pm in barmy Toowoomba ( ah that’s just 100ks west of Brisbane), so to hot to paint, I hope my plastics don’t melt😁

    • Hi Warwick

      Do I have a day job? Yes.
      Have I won the lottery? Unfortunately not.

      How do I do it – well, I must admit, I don’t watch a lot of TV, I tend to be something of a night owl (I am rarely in bed before midnight) and it’s amazing how much time you gain when your child leaves home 🙂

      To be honest, I think there are times when I find painting miniatures far more of a chore than a joy. That said, the sheer joy of using them on the table far outweighs the pain of putting brush to metal/plastic/resin. So I’m sticking with it in the firm belief that it will be worth it in the end.


    • I have the opposite problem, priming and varnishing gets tough when it’s fricking 20 degrees (Fahrenheit for us) and snowing – but I stick to metal!

  2. >it’s amazing how much time you gain when your child leaves home
    Oh, is that when it happens? Then I just have….17 years to go. Sheesh. 😀

    How much Planetfall is left? Id’ say since you’re on a roll, keep on it and get a game in with it.

    • How much Planetfall is left?
      7 Boxes 😀

      Core Helix
      Leviathan Helix
      Assault Helix
      Recon Helix
      Air Helix
      Allied Air Helix
      Light Infantry upgrade pack

      That’s a lot of boxes, but at 10mm, the models are not that big 😀

  3. I’m impressed that you’ve been really putting some effort into bringing up the painting component again Neil! Stick with the Planetfall. Get something finished off and it can give you an uplift in heading into the next project.

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