Panzer Mech – new Kickstarter project from West Wind Productions

On Saturday February 4th (which also happened to by Andy Cooper’s birthday) West Wind Productions launched their latest Kickstarter – Panzer Mech.

This project follows a very busy year for West Wind as they have been busy sculpting and casting the very successfully War & Empire II – Legions of Rome range, and is a small but significant landmark – it is the first time that they have used 3D printing for their models.

panzer-mech-2Panzer Mech is initially aimed at bringing some new Mechs to West Wind’s 28mm Secrets of the Third Reich range – a game set in an alternate ‘Weird War II’ universe where World War II did not end in 1945. The current range includes many of the units that have become ubiquitous with the genre: Werewolves, Zombies, Vampires, Mechs and Jet Pack troops, to name a few.

The new models include the German Jotun (a mech armed with an 88mm cannon), British Bulldog and US Sherman Mech. On top of this, Kickstarter backers also receive a 30% discount on selected items from the back catalogue of both Secrets of the Third Reich and Incursion – more codes from these ranges will become available at the discount price as the project progresses, so this will be an ideal opportunity to purchase SOTR for the first time.

jotunAt time of writing. the project has already exceeded its £5,000 funding goal by over £1,500, and still has 24 days to go – it is running until the 4th March, with delivery due in August 2017.

We managed to record an interview with Andy Cooper last week in which we chatted about Panzer Mech and War & Empire II. In addition, we got some insights into other releases we can expect to see from West Wind and Forged in Battle in 2017. This interview will feature in our next podcast episode, due to be published this coming Saturday (11th February).


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  1. extremely like Konflict 47…uncanny like.

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