15mm World War II British vehicles from Gaming Models

Last week I received a parcel, very kindly sent to me by podcast listener Jon Yuengling. He’d heard Dave Luff and I chatting about this year’s project for Operation Market Larden (Dave is putting together a 1944 British force) and he sent us some samples of 15mm vehicles from the range of Gaming Models.


The set contained (from left to right) a Universal Carrier, Bren Carrier, Bedford Truck, 6 pdr A/T Gun, Opel Blitz Truck, Archer and Daimler Dingo.


These look like nice models (though the pale resin does not show off their detail well in these pictures – sorry, they aren’t the best).


Dave is particularly impressed with the Archer, as it’s one of his favourite vehicles.

Mr Luff is hoping to get these painted up in short order, and then we can show them off in their full, painted glory.

In the mean time, Gaming Models is well worth checking out, as they have a huge selection of World War II vehicles and accessories available.

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