A happy accident

In history, it’s amazing how many discoveries are made by accident: Telfon, Play-dough and every modeller’s tool – Super Glue. All were discovered / invented by accident.

In my previous post, I gave an overview of my weekend at Barwell Bodyworks Airbrush workshop. (BTW, if you want another opinion of the weekend, take a look at the Battlebunkerblog, written by Mel: Day 1 & Day 2)

I mentioned that I was disappointed with the effect of a particular paint – Oil Discharge. Having chatted with Steve (the course tutor) I was expecting this to act something like a dark ink wash, which it didn’t. At the time I thought it had spoiled what was otherwise looking like a half-decent paint job.

_20170227_111035However, the following morning I was driving to work, and noticed the paint effect on my thumbnail (yes, I didn’t bother wearing gloves, so I had a green/brown thumb by the end of Sunday). The Oil Discharge had completely covered my thumb, and as it caught the light it looked like…well, surprise, surprise, it gave the same visual effect that you get when you look at patch of oil on water – a shiny iridescence.

Now, this is not the sort of effect that you want on a World War II tank, but let’s take a wider view for a second, forget about the tank and just look at the paint effect.


How would this the paint effect would look on, for example, the front of a Dark Eldar jetbike? Or maybe on the hull of a Covenant spaceship?

Hmm, definite food for thought there. OK, I didn’t get the shading effect I was after, but I may have stumbled onto something I will find just as useful…

2 Comments on A happy accident

  1. Never trust anything called discharge.

  2. A very useful find. Iridescence is hard to achieve at the best of times. There are some technical colours that can achieve it, but here it seems more of a chance-finding. Maybe some could be used to depict an oily puddle?

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