February 2017 Podcast and Website stats

Website stats for February 2017:

Podcast Stats for February 2017:

Thank you to everyone for visiting the website and downloading the podcast in February – We hope you’ve enjoyed it.

6 Comments on February 2017 Podcast and Website stats

  1. Neil, how do your older podcasts do? Are they still being picked out and listened to? I recently listened to some of your Saga-Casts, which where the first ones I heard, and it was fun.

    • Gary

      Of this month’s downloads, 15248 were for shows produced in 2017, which leaves 5690 across the rest – so, yes, the old shows are still being downloaded. Some only have a handful of downloads each month, but it shows that people are still listening to them.
      Considering how much the show has changed in recent years, I sometimes cringe at the thought of people going back and listening to the early shows – everyone has to start somewhere I suppose.

      • Neil
        I really enjoy your old podcasts. Partly out of nostalga. Some out of watching a friend get better and better at something they enjoy. But mostly because they are really good, share a ton of information, and really get out there, the ‘other than GW’ wargaming scene.
        I might never have known about Saga, TFL, and a ton of other games, systems, minis.
        Keep up the good work!

  2. Warwick West // March 1, 2017 at 21:57 // Reply

    Good work, keep up the good job, I’m now a regular listener and will continue, I like the format almost as good as the Wallaby’s betting Wales 🏉

  3. Warwick West // March 1, 2017 at 21:59 // Reply

    Ahh predictive text and a little phone used by big fingers it should read beating! Sorry😁

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