X-Wing: Swimming against the meta

It’s the X-Wing Regional at Battlefield Hobbies this coming weekend.

Following my somewhat dismal attempt at flying a TIE swarm in the last X-Wing competition I entered, my Imperial Fleet has seen several reinforcements, thanks to Christmas and my Birthday. A TIE Defender and TIE Phantom, as well as the Imperial Aces & Imperial Veterans box sets have swelled the ranks of my forces (although this had the dual effect of ensuring that I had all the forces for the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster campaign).

It appears to be the accepted ‘meta’ for Imperial squadrons that you have to fly at least two TIE Defenders, so with that I mind I came up with the following list:

X-Wing proposed squadron builds TIE Defender b

Colonel Vessery and a Glaive Squadron Pilot are generally seen as a good pairing and the Lambda Shuttle is being used because it’s not only my favourite Imperial ship, but also as Stress management for my TIE-D’s and also providing extra target locks for Vessery to take advantage of.

This seems to have possibilities as a competitive squadron, but I’m not sure it’s entirely me. It has the faint whiff of power gaming about it (as does a lot of ‘meta’, in my opinion) and I’m never very happy about power gaming. So I instead considered a couple of alternatives…

The first was a slight adaption of the TIE swarm, but this time only flying TIE Interceptors

X-Wing proposed squadron builds TIE Interceptor 1 X-Wing proposed squadron builds TIE Interceptor 2

This list has little subtlety about it – it’s all about a fast-moving TIE formation looking to concentrate as many hits on a single target in each turn that it can. It could be fun and something of a challenge to fly.

Everyone, it seems, hates TIE Bombers. I was left wondering if flying a tooled-up TIE Bomber list with a Lambda Shuttle in support might just be so far off the wall that players might have to think twice about how to face it

X-Wing proposed squadron builds TIE Bomber

The Shuttle is there to grab target locks and pass them onto the Bombers, whose job it is to deliver their missiles and torpedoes as quickly as they can. This is likely to be something of an all-or-nothing list, and the potential of throwing that amount of ordinance around could be a lot of fun.

The second and third lists are much more my sort of style – in a word: unorthodox – the TIE Interceptor swarm definitely has the air of ‘Charge!’ about it – and I was torn between which list to use.

wp-1488831189570.jpgHowever, as you may have spotted, the wargaming Gods appear to have intervened over the weekend and since I’ve just broken my wrist, I’ve had to subsequently withdraw from the Regional at Battlefield Hobbies. Never mind – once I’m back on the road I’m sure that there will be a local friendly tournament I can try one of these lists at. 

4 Comments on X-Wing: Swimming against the meta

  1. The unusual is always more fun to play. 😉 I hope your wrist heals quickly.

  2. The new FFG FAQ that came out today slightly nerfs the TIE/x7 card… https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/3/6/bringing-balance-to-the-force/

  3. Screw the meta, play whichever one is more fun and appeals to you. Do not be tempted by the lure of the Minmaxing Side.

  4. IMHO cards are over rated for adding pleasure to a game. They’re OK if adding an element of role-playing, gotta have R2 D2 with Luke, but in a general game in my experience more ships equals more fun. I also find the Interceptors remarkably fragile sledgehammers. So, while I conceptually like the meta game aspects of X-WIng, I prefer to play pretty vanilla games with John William’s music on in the background for atmosphere.

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