The best laid plans…

wp-1489842320457.jpgWith Test of Honour from Warlord Games due for release at the end of next week, I had been planning for a while to produce a series of articles in the coming week on collecting Samurai – reviews of miniatures, rules and terrain.

And then, a couple of weeks ago, I managed to break my wrist.

After resting it for the first week, I wondered if I had the manual dexterity to assemble some MDF kits, so I tried with a set of Original Laser Design buildings, which I managed OK (see here for more details).

“Fantastic” I thought, “Shouldn’t be a problem to crack on with my plans”.

However, I think I was being a little too ambitious. Whilst it was easy to assemble the OLD kits, these were very easy to put together and didn’t have any small pieces that required careful manual manipulation. My next attempt was with some kits from Sarissa Precision. These are very nice models, but they do contain many more small parts which require a certain amount of manual dexterity. Whilst I managed to assemble their Torii Gate without too much trouble, I hit a major issue when working on the Bridge – my cast restricted my dexterity to the extent that I found it impossible to complete the required assembly task.


Simply slot 16 tabs into their respective holes simultaneously…

I then looked at the other buildings I planned to assemble, and quickly decided that trying to put these together in my current condition was going to be problematic, and I would probably end up making a mess of them – which I really didn’t want to do.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to admit defeat and so will not be able to complete this work until after I have the cast removed (hopefully in early April). It’s annoying, as timing is everything and by then there will no doubt be lots more of this material already posted on the internet.

All being well, reviews of buildings and miniatures suitable for use with Test of Honour, as well as other skirmish games set in ancient Japan, will start to appear on this site in mid-April.

Apologies for the delay…

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