Empires at War – 15mm range

We have spoken a couple of times on the podcast recently about Empires At War – a company that sells ready painted MDF scenery, and I have lamented the fact that they only produced their buildings in 28mm.

Well, that has now changed.

empires at war 15 1

They have now released their first ranges of 15mm buildings. The largest one on offer is their Normandy range – this currently has 11 buildings in it, including a rather nice church.

empires at war 15 3

If you wanted ready-painted MDF scenery, with a colour scheme a bit different to 4Ground, then these just might be the thing you are looking for.

They also have a small range of 3 Timber Framed buildings.

empires at war timber 1

Hopefully their other ranges will not be far behind in being converted.

1 Comment on Empires at War – 15mm range

  1. They appear to have confused a “Norman” church of a type found in England with the type of church that’s actually found in Normandy. That square topped tower is not really right for Normandy, where the vast majority of churches have a tower with a pitched roof and gables. See this one from Tiger Terrain http://dereksweetoys.com/normandy-church-from-tiger-terrain/

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