Blotz – MDF Terrain and Accessories

With the release of Test of Honour, one of the things that has come to mind is whether you can get acrylic counters for the game, rather than using the card tokens that are included – let’s face it, we all like to ‘pimp’ our games.

Someone flagged a company that did indeed have a set of tokens available – Blotz

However, they have far more than this available – in fact, they have a whole host of MDF buildings and accessories as well as acrylic counters for all sorts of games – so much so that I am wondering how I have missed this company in the past (or maybe I knew about them, but have just forgotten)

Either way, they are certainly worth checking out – I already have a shopping cart full of items!

3 Comments on Blotz – MDF Terrain and Accessories

  1. Darn you, Schuck!! I’m going to start a special page on my blog called “What listening to M&M has cost me”! 😀

  2. I’ve ordered some stuff from them (15mm fences and a couple of markers) and it’s top notch!

  3. I have bought several items from Blotz this year and none have disappointed. When I was talking to Simon and Sue at the Beachhead show I commented that I would love their 15mm car park in 6mm for my Cold War towns cape. A few weeks later I got a message that it was available for sale on the website along with a cinema building I had also admired. Nice people, great products. Go buy some.

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