‘March of the Dead’ Fantasy Undead Miniatures launched on Kickstarter

Philip Hynes, who many people may know for figures he has sculpted for Bad Squiddo Games, has launched a Kickstarter project to fund the production of a new range of 28mm Fantasy Undead Miniatures.

The project is called March of the Dead, and is running until 2nd May 2017.

The range includes a number of different undead figures. Whilst there are familiar models such as Undead Champions and a Necromancer, there are also some more unusual miniatures uncluding a Zombie Cow and a Weresheep (!)

Phil is looking for £2500 to fully fund the project, and at time of writing has reached around 60% of his goal. The first stretch goal has been announced at £3500, being some Undead Cavalry, which look rather nice.

march of the dead 4

Current pledge levels range from £8 for a single large miniature, such as the Zombie Cow, to £69 which will get you all of the currently planned sets. Delivery is due in October 2017.

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