Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 205 – The EPIC Show

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Welcome to Episode 205 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast

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Mike Hobbs takes the reins of the podcast to present a show about one of his all-time favourite games – Space Marine/Epic from Games Workshop.

We are joined by guests Peter Ramos, Teras Cassidy and Ken Whitehurst, not only to look back at all aspects of the game from Adeptus Titanicus through to Epic: Armageddon, but also to discuss what the gaming community can accomplish when their favourite game stops being supported by its publisher.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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6 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 205 – The EPIC Show

  1. If anyone from the north-eastern US is interested in the Epic/Warmaster/Specialist Games Days that Teras mentioned around 79 minutes in, pop in on TacComms or my blog and drop me a line.

  2. Dr Ziodberg Speaks // April 21, 2017 at 17:30 // Reply

    Would have been nice if you actually had something discussed other than NetEpic, which is interesting. You couldn’t find anyone to discuss 1st, 3rd, or 4th? How the game has changed. Themes and why? What each game version tries to accomplish?
    Interesting stories and history there however but yeah this should be titled “The NetEpic Show”.

  3. Well you can blame me for the theme of the show as I put it together and I was a big 2nd ed player hence the love for that version. However the main idea was to show that games don’t have to die off when they stop being produced and how fans can do something to keep games alive, as Netepic is 20 years old I wanted to do something to celebrate that fact.
    also we only had a few hours and there was no way we could have covered everything in that time.
    I’m sorry you didn’t like the episode but I hope you understand why I put the show together in the way I did

  4. Great episode. Very tempted to drop some cash on some Onslaught Miniatures – only thing stopping me is a lack of opponents!
    If you guys are interested in continuing to talk about games that survive thanks to the community, maybe look at bringing the Warmaster Podcast hosts onto the show?

  5. I very much enjoyed the show – it was a great idea to pull it together Mr. Hobbs. I previously had only a foggy idea of the early history of the game; I enjoyed learning about Epic’s origin and the fact there is a vibrant community playing (revised) 2nd edition. (And as a result, I downloaded NetEpic Gold right after listening to the show.)

  6. Just finished this one – good show, though I would have liked to hear a bit more about how Epic is as a game – your basic 5 minute overview of mechanics, unit size etc. I know, ancient history but I was too busy working when it first came out. The Orc rocket sounded a bit like original WHFB which would be a definite draw. Which brings me to my next point, I would have liked the miniatures discussion to have gone into a bit more depth. Presumably GW is well aware of the existing 6mm SF guys in suits manufacturers so more discussion on what can be subbed in for official GW figures would not have drawn their ire – no need to be coy and no need to get into recasters other than to say they exist and to watch out for them. And my final point, I really didn’t get any feel for the size of a game of Epic. Is it more IABSM+ with a couple of companies aside plus some vehicles on a 6×4 (Yay) or is is FoW like with track to track armour with infantry in the gaps (boo), or something in between. Photos of games online show both approaches.

    Still a great listen and I will be digging through the rules.

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