Joe McLaren reviews Travel Battle

Whilst at Salute 2017 yesterday we bumped into Joe McLaren, who had just bought Travel Battle from Perry Miniatures. As you may have read, I have been somewhat lukewarm about this release, so I was very interested in what Joe thought of the game, so I asked him to let us know.

Joe has written a great blog post on the subject, which can be found on his blog The Sword in the Sprue – well worth a read for anyone still wondering about this product.

As an extra titbit of information, I was chatting with Henry Hyde yesterday, and the subject of Travel Battle came up. Henry revealed that the idea for the game went right back to when Michael Perry was in hospital following the horrible accident where he lost part of his right arm. Alan made a game for him using 6mm figures on a board, which could be played on a hospital table, so it meant that Michael could still play miniatures battles in hospital during his recovery – Travel Battle is the ultimate result of this.

When you hear the human story behind the game, things suddenly make a lot more sense.

1 Comment on Joe McLaren reviews Travel Battle

  1. After playing a demo at Salute, decided not to buy. I like easy to play games but this is just a move all your units, fight each unit in turn on a 1d6 roll off, highest wins. Needs to be much more to warrant the £50 asking price. Needs some sort of command and control mechanism or tactic/action cards or something to mix it up a bit. Shame, was really looking forward to this.

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