Podcast & Website stats – April 2017


April saw post no less than six new episodes of the podcast – though admittedly two of those were about Salute, and April was a five week month.

We had 24,241 downloads during last month.

The most popular show in March was Episode 205 – The EPIC show which saw 3,852 downloads.


April was a quieter month on the blog, with only 17 posts being published in that time. However, this still generated 25,496 views from 10,393 visitors – which still puts April 2017 as our 5th most popular month of all time. The most popular post during the month was once again the editorial post on Perry Miniatures new Travel Battle game.

A huge thank you to everyone for visiting the website and listening to the podcast – we really appreciate your support.

If you want to help support the show, you can find out more on our Donation page.

If you are interested in coming on the show, or wish your product to be reviewed, please contact us – details are in the linked pages

1 Comment on Podcast & Website stats – April 2017

  1. i am leaving the blame for my newfound kickstarter addiction to you guys….

    my wallet isnt the same anymore.

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