Miniaturemen Wild West Fantasy Miniatures on Kickstarter

Over the last 18 months or so, Miniaturemen have been producing an excellent and fun range of 28mm Orc Cowboys.

They have recently launched their second Kickstarter campaign, which aims to add to the range with a mix of Dwarf Cowboys, human townsfolk and other figures.

We at Miniaturemen are delighted to announce that our second Kickstarter is now running. Following on from our first successful Kickstarter 18 months ago when we introduced our Wild West Cowboy Orcs this Kickstarter features dwarfs, humans, half orcs and more orc characters. We are currently writing and playtesting the rules for all these figures – tweaking and amending as we go along – and hope to have these complete and available by the end of the year.

Now the Kickstarter is funded it’s onto the stretch goals and free minis! The more money raised the more freebies and add-ons become available to our backers.

The project is running until the 28th May, with delivery of pledges promised for July 2017.


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