Partizan Wargames Show 2017

DSC_0001_101 The Partizan Show 2017 was held on Sunday May 21st at the Newark Showground. I was a bit late arriving (I got there about 10:20) and was surprised to find a rather large queue still outside the George Stevenson Pavilion.

According to the organisers, the show was attended by around 1,000 people. I was told by the front desk that due to some staffing problems, they were only processing the queue through one entrance desk – hence the wait to get in.

Once inside, the punter was presented by a large hall, filled with traders and games – about 50 of each. I was struck again by the pleasant venue – it’s such a pleasure to walk around in a place filled with natural daylight, though it inevitably suffered the side effect of building with large windows on a sunny day filled with 1,000+ gamers, in the fact that it did get a bit warm inside. However, having suffered the pain of trying to take photos in the murk of Kelham Hall, I am not about to complain about an abundance of daylight!

Partizan has always been known as one of ‘the‘ shows to go to if you want gaming eye candy, and this year was no exception with a number of fantastic large games for punters to both look at and play. One of the things we spoke about in our Salute debrief podcast was the perceived lack of ‘Wow factor’ with the games at that show this year – I think as you look at some of the games that were put on at Partizan, you will understand our thinking.

Without further ado, here are some pictures of various games from Partizan.

Apologies if I fail to credit games or wargames clubs correctly, please contact me with any corrections.

Great War Miniatures – Cambrai 1917

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The Perry Twins – The Battle of Alexandria 1801

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Steve Jones – American War of Independence, Bunker Hill 1775

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Old Guard Wargames Club – Sudan

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Crann Tara Miniatures

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Derby Wargames Society – Russo Japanese War 1904

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Westbury Wargamers – Battle of Dirschau 1627

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Like a Stonewall Wargames Group – Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea 1942

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Lenton Gamers – Oppy Wood 1917

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League of Augsburg – Great Northern War

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Great Yarmouth Good Old Boys – French Indian ‘Laundry Wars’

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A selection of other games…

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I really enjoyed Partizan this year. As I hope you’ve seen, there were a fantastic selection of beautiful games on display, and a great selection of traders.

As I have said before, the best part of any show for me is the opportunity to catch up with so many friends, and I managed to meet and catch up with lots of people over the day – thanks to everyone who I managed to have a chat with, and apologies to all those who I am sure I missed!

At the end of their tenure at Kelham Hall, I did feel that Partizan was perhaps struggling a little. However, I am very pleased to report that the move to the new venue over the last couple of years has proved to be a huge boost for the show, and it is now in the rudest of health. Certainly one of the highlight shows of the UK wargaming calendar.

3 Comments on Partizan Wargames Show 2017

  1. Wow. Thanks for posting – some fantastic display games there!

  2. Mervyn's taxi driver // June 7, 2017 at 18:06 // Reply

    The biggest hassle for me was the queue! It took ages to get in which
    is a disappointment as it means less playing and less buying time. Lots of nice games as the photos show but no real wow game in my humble opinion!

  3. Some nice looking tables.. Glasgow Warhogs

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