New hobby gaming community blog being launched by Footsore Miniatures

We were recording an interview with Bill Thornhill of Footsore Miniatures last night. During our chat he mentioned a new hobby blog that they were setting up, but asked us not to say anything until nearer it’s launch date.

However, since it’s just been announced on Footsore’s Facebook Page, I thought I’d share the news here too.

New hobby blog:

++Something cool this way comes++
Well we think so making us really excited about the new blog we are setting up. The idea is to contribute something to the whole community.

Once live the plan is to have regular updates on sculpting, painting and gaming these will be videos, articles, photo galleries etc.

We will take all our existing posts and move them over along with creating logins for all our contributors so they can create future articles straight into the blog.

The whole team at Footsore are mad keen hobbyists who play lots of different games and collect lots of different miniatures so we will be sharing our latest projects.

Also we know some dude who can sculpt who we plan to persuade with first aid parcels from the UK to share his secrets.

Make sure you pop over and bookmark the page ready, if you sign up you may get yourself an offer on launch.


As for our interview with Bill Thornhill, you should be able to listen to that in the middle of June.

gaming blog 2



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