Getting ready for the UK Games Expo #1 – MeepsMeet

The UK Games Expo starts this Friday – June 2nd 2017, and runs until Sunday, 4th June.

For the first time I will be attending all three days of the show, and yesterday we found out that the Welsh Wizzard himself , Mike Hobbs,will also be there on Saturday 3rd June, although whether he will turn up in cosplay is anyone’s guess!

meepsmeetWe have decided to have the first ever MeepsMeet on Saturday – so if you listen to the podcast, are going to the UK Games Expo, and fancy meeting up with us for a chat and maybe the odd photo or two, we will be at the corner of D10 and E18 at 1pm on Saturday 3rd June.

D10 is the Fantasy Flight Games area, and you can’t miss E18 – This is the Wotan Games stand, and looks like this:

wotan games bus

See you there!

1 Comment on Getting ready for the UK Games Expo #1 – MeepsMeet

  1. fingers crossed I get my costume back from the drycleaners in time

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