Spartan Games expands the Firestorm Galaxy via Kickstarter

Spartan Games are looking to expand the Firestorm Galaxy, and have launched a Kickstarter project to that end.

firestorm armada a

Firestorm Armada was originally launched back in 2009, and has evolved since then, adding more ships and moving through a couple of rules versions.

firestorm armada 3This new Kickstarter launches version 3.0 of the rules, but also includes:

  • A new 2-Player Starter Box
  • New races, including the Saurians and Pathogen
  • Expansion Fleets for existing core factions
  • New Narrative Books which provide a complete background to the Firestorm galaxy
  • New scenery and gaming aids

The Kickstarter project has a funding target of £50,000 (it’s at just under 80% funded at time of writing) and is running until 10th September 2017, with a proposed delivery date of February 2018.

We are hoping to catch up with Neil Fawcett from Spartan Games later this week to find out the background to this new project. Look out for the interview to be published before the end of August.

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