Forager Napoleonic skirmish rules launch on Kickstarter

In Episode 224 of the Podcast, we spoke to Adrian McWalter of Stand To Games about his new set of Napoleonic skirmish rules: Forager

Adrian and Quinton have just launched a kickstarter project to help fund the production of the game – full details can be found here.

Forager character card

The project is running until Friday October 13th, with a funding goal of £4,500. Delivery of the project is scheduled for December 2017.

In addition to the rules themselves, Stand To Games is offering the first in a range of 28mm figures for the game. There are a dozen figures included in the initial project – six British and six French, with stretch goals adding Spanish Guerillas to a kickstarter exclusive Guerilla Leader.

forager miniatures

£9 will secure you a pledge for one of the two figure sets, whilst the ‘rules only’ pledge is £16. £34 gives you the rulebook and both sets of miniatures.

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