‘Under The Desk’ – Caption competition entries

Well, it would appear that the caption competition for the photo below (courtesy of Mr Michael ‘Gitface’ Hobbs) really captured the imagination of our listeners, and we have been inundated with entries (with some going on at some length…)


Many followed common themes from the podcast, literature and current events – there were some that were truly outstanding! A huge “Thank You” to everyone who entered – if nothing else, you certainly cheered up my days.

Winners of the rules will be announced on next week’s show (Episode 228)

Here are the entries – enjoy…

Will this be a great hat for Ascot next year, let’s try
Darling, the figure painting inspector is here
Bloody 6mm figures…

Martin Armstrong

I know I have some unused paint brushes somewhere!

James Hunwicke

“In her lair, Shelob finds she has finally met her match and prepares for a hideous end…”

Meep Mervyn

Having again failed in his charge Neil attempts to go into hiding.
After taking too long to decide his moves Neil’s opponents decide to make him part of the furniture.
Neil attempts to hide from Mrs Shuck after she finds out how much he spent on Kickstarter.

John Steed

“In other news, a distraught wargamer opts to duck and cover after spotting a unit of Noman Cavalry on the painting desk.”


How many times do I have to tell you don’t throw the dice that hard!

Tryvor Phillips

“You cannot make me paint Luffy!” (Perhaps this is missing some punctuation, if not, it’s even funnier!)

Colin Peake

It’s a six and it still counts!

Dave Polhill

“Now, if I push these Normans right to the back I’ll never have to think about them again”. 

Paul Cox

“Neil tries on his new hat”

Stuart Dobson

After another embarr”ass”ing mini paint job Neil fell to the floor and hid his head in shame…

Michael “Jahhdog”

The lead mounting grows – Mike finally discovers the flaw in Neil’s painting technique

Roland Goodhall

Neil decided to follow the curiously dressed rabbit down the hole that was under the desk…..

Jim McCabe

‘Would you believe me if I said it was a six?’

Darren Graham

I’ve got this game of Hide and Seek in the bag!

Ty Callaghan-Jones

Another week without painting, another week in the Shuck Corner of Shame

Joakim Ström

As rumours of the deadly effects of the new nuclear strike rules were spreading, the, so called, Trump effect drove many to follow government guidelines. (I see what you did there Eric!)

Eric Hall

“Responding to a rumour of Cake”

Gavin Pearson

Kold War Konflict draft 42.5
Playtest report: 75
While the “duck and cover” rule used when deploying nukes certainly adds to the realism of the game, the actual implementation thereof has proven somewhat unwieldy in practice.

Pat G

“I’ve dropped the bloody lens from my optivisor. Oh dear…”

Sean Souter

“Where is it, where is it? Preciousssss.
Timpkins was practicing for the annual hide & seek competition, it appears he misread the how to play instructions.
“Oh the joys of painting 6mm, especially when you drop one of the little buggers.”

Mark Jessop

“Aslan? Aslan? It’s me, back again.”

Steve Pettifer

“I bet this is where he hides MY cake”

Greg A

“I must get through to Sargent Watson”
“A true failure of command”
“A demonstration of the effect known as Dice Shock”
“Neal this is Napoleonics, there is no need to take cover from airstrikes”
“A demonstration of proper WW1 high command tactics; Section A1 proper reaction to a failed charge”
“Ahhh paint, too many miniatures to paint”
“One less well know downside of 6mm miniatures. The inahbiltiy to find them”
“I am going to hide under here untill somebody paints my miniatures”

Aaron Lorenz

“I know there is cake here somewhere, oh look an Easter Egg”

Jon Yuengling

How Not to Be Seen

Mr. K. N. Whitehurst

“Mr Tumnus, I had to sell the wardrobe. Do you want a game?”

John Haines

“That paintbrush must have just dropped down here somewhere when I was using it last in June…1995”
“Dave, Dave, I think I have found somewhere else I could store a couple of bags of 6mm soldiers and some Wilko’s pan scourers”

John H.

Muffled voice coming from under the desk ‘ I tell you I painted a figure. It’s got to be down here somewhere’

Ken Marshall

‘Mike Hobbs reacted badly when concerned loved ones attempted to stage an intervention.’
‘An unlucky roll on the random direction table would see the Goblin Fanatics in a very dark place.’

Steve Williams

Please come out – I promise not to throw a third double 1

Rob Morgan

” Incoming”

Declan Breen

‘The Guru Luff has sent Neil into the naughty corner for backing another Kickstarter!’

John Sharman

“He’s right You know, it’s bigger on the inside!”
“No, I said ‘kneel’ at the desk of the master figure painter!”
“Ha ha! If I can’t see him he can’t see me”
“I know its hard to believe that I used to be a circus contortionist…here, let me show you”
“No. I’m not using a points system and you can’t make me”
When the going gets tough the tough hide under the table.
“This is my plan for when the North Korean missiles land”

Martyn Brawn


Ashley Pollard

“So this is where Henry kept his last bottle of banana oil”
“Isn’t Mecca in the other direction? Said Mike
The fumes from that new superglue really made Neil do weird things
The annual podcasters hide and seek competition was hit and miss this year
“Shhhsh, I’m hunting wabbits”
“So is this is what Neil does during the short break at the start of the show?” “Indeed”
“Yep – that broccoli and custard cake didn’t go down well”
Having chased the Welsh Wizard for many days Sir Shuck cornered him in his lair
….The new season of “CSI Leicester” was a big hit
….and then Neil started twerking.
Despite his cries of “Help I’m stuck” his fellow gamers did nothing but laugh
Having forgotten the rules of Fight Club, Neil tried to hide his head in shame.
Henry and Neil’s search for the lost tome of Point Systems took them to many strange corners of the world.
“….And then they said “Squeak, piggy, Squeak!”
“Does my bum look big in this?”
“And this is how we pray to the Great Guru Luff”
“When in doubt, kick the Brummie”
“He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse”
Neil uses a unique visual style when teaching the tunnel rules to Escape from Colditz
“Quick, hide!” said Neil

Frank Reynolds

Wife shouts up the stairs “Honey you said you`d take me shopping………honey………..”

Alan Sheward

Bloody Mike and his bloody cheesecake photos…

Keith Erickson

Neil puts on his painting table themed Easter bonnet, unfortunately it’s to heavy

Paul Wheeler

Command and Carpets: Operation lost soilder – a new game by Niel Shuck.

Mantic Moments

Knowing his wardrobe entry into Narnia was broken, Neil takes a less known route!

Stephen Wold

Damn, I can’t find my secret battle plan, found it…. CHARGE!

Lars Johansson

“Where in bloody hell did that Norman head go?!”

David M. Churchill

Mike’ll never think of looking for the cake under here!
It’s a six!

Frugal Dave

I swear it’s a six! Look look!

The Cranky Lawyer

A North-Korean missile is heading to the U.K.!

Anibal Invictus

Nobody will ever find me hiding under here

Bob Connor

In that moment, Dr Joseph-Ignace Guillotine had cracking idea.
In another moment down went Alice after the White Rabbit. Never considering how in the world she was ever going to get out again.

Jim Ibbotson

“Stop talking about painting Normans!”

Christoph Gödel-Pavl

“Man finally gives up trying to use paintbrushes as an input device – seen here searching for the keyboard socket”

Stevie The Fixer

Come and finish the game, it’s still all to play for….

Wargamer CC

Protect and Survive pamphlet is here somewhere

Richard O’Halloran

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  1. Perhaps Arse was a bit too much on the nose, or should I say posterior? 😉

    I was channeling Father Ted at the time.

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