Of all the Kickstarters in all the world…

Sally 4th have just launched a new Kickstarter to launch a range of 28mm Pulp miniatures based on a classic movie from the 1940’s

classic movies kickstarter image

The initial project is to fund the production of 3 packs of miniatures, which fit in all-to-well with one of Sally 4th’s existing MDF scenery packs.

classic movies 10

Whilst £30 will get you all three packs of miniatures, £90 will see you being able to get the full film set.

classic movies 19b

The project has already funded, and is running until the 8th October, with delivery due in January 2018.

This looks to be the start of a number of ranges from this genre – great stuff.

Back it, Sam.

2 Comments on Of all the Kickstarters in all the world…

  1. Ed Youngstrom // September 22, 2017 at 21:19 // Reply

    This looks like the beginning of a beautiful Kickstarter…

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