Warcradle Studios obtain Spartan Games IP from Rebel Publishing

Just in case you missed the announcement earlier this week, Warcradle Studios – the creative studio of Wayland Games, who are currently known for their game Wild West Exodus, have acquired the Spartan Games IP for Dystopian Wars, the Firestorm Universe (both Armada and Planetfall) and Uncharted Seas from Rebel Publishing, following their recent collapse.

In a move that can only be applauded, Warcardle almost immediately issued a video explaining the situation, what they had bought and what they were not liable for, as there are obvious issues surrounding goods owned to kickstarter backers etc.

Whilst it’s very sad to see the demise of Rebel Publishing, the fact that these game IPs are likely to survive is very good news for those gamers who have invested into them over the years.

We look forward to seeing the direction that Warcradle take these games in future months.

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