What happened to my weekly podcast episode?

You may have noticed that we didn’t upload a podcast episode last weekend. Apologies for this, but I simply haven’t had time to edit and publish the show, which is an issue I am starting to encounter more often in recent weeks.

To explain, last week’s diary went something like this:

  • Wednesday – record podcast
  • Thursday – regular Thursday night gaming session
  • Friday – Was meant to be gaming with Josh (which is now a regular event), but ended up writing part of Forager review for website
  • Saturday – Spent all day at Firestorm Games
  • Sunday – Went to Derby Worlds. Evening spent finishing Forager Review
  • Monday – new regular Monday night gaming session
  • Tuesday – Podcast editing (first chance since we recorded it!)

Pretty full, as you can see, and obviously this doesn’t detail any family time or work commitments…

Up until September, we had a backlog of audio recorded for the ‘feature’ part of our show. This was important, as I used to edit these at the start of the week before recording our show ‘bumpers’ (Intro, Outro, ‘What We’ve Been Up To’) on a Wednesday night before putting them together for the final podcast upload at the weekend. As listeners may be aware, I recently had to spend a couple of weeks in London due to work, which meant that our regular Wednesday evening recording sessions were somewhat disrupted and we didn’t record any interviews or reviews. As a result the backlog of ‘feature’ content was used up. The impact of this was that we found ourselves in the position of recording all our audio on the Wednesday before it was due to be published the following weekend – this means a lot of editing work in a short amount of time.

I would normally play catch up at the weekend, but the last two have been rather busy with other things too (Warring States Campaign Day – Firestorm Games – Derby Worlds)

This comes along at the same time as a change in my weekly diary, in that my once-a-week gaming session appears to have multiplied into a three-times-a-week hobby.  This is an unexpected and most welcome change as I am playing a lot of games, but these are evenings that I may otherwise be editing audio for the podcast. I should be sat in from of my laptop editing, but I am sure you can appreciate that I would much rather be playing games!

We have been producing the podcast on a weekly basis since November 2016, and whilst it has been a great deal of fun, you can appreciate that this also put a big time commitment on us all. Please understand that I’m not complaining, as it was my idea in the first place, but I didn’t anticipate my weekly diary taking the turn that it has in recent weeks.

The bottom line is this – keeping the weekly publication schedule of the podcast has simply become impossible to maintain. As a result we have decided to return to our previous fortnightly schedule.

We will be keeping the format of the show the same, so don’t expect to the show to creep back up in length – it may be a little longer, as we will have 2 weeks worth of gaming/painting/buying to catch up on each time – but I’m certainly not intending to return to the 3+ hours running time of the shows last year.

Thank you all once again for listening to the show, and I hope that the return to fortnightly schedule will not prove too much of a disruption.

6 Comments on What happened to my weekly podcast episode?

  1. What how dare you spend so much time playing games 😋

  2. Colin Peake // October 12, 2017 at 12:44 // Reply

    For goodness sake don’t start painting Neil; podcast could slide to monthly
    The travesty 🤡

    I for one appreciate everything you guys do
    I enjoyed the weekly podcasts but if fornightly is the way forward –
    you have this Meeps full support

    Maybe a release of the Great Guru downfall as its own bridging podcast will help
    Still laughing 😈
    As no doubt is the Welsh Wizard!

  3. Good decision! The last thing hobby content creators need is for their hobby and passion to turn into a chore they have to make time for to the exclusion of the reason they started doing it in the first place. Hobbies should not be stressful!

  4. Slacker 😉
    Take your time, it’s supposed to be fun for you guys, too. I’m happy with whatever you produce, at whatever scedule you have time for.
    And, hey, playing games three times a week – that’s better than talking about playing games.

  5. Alex Woodrow // October 12, 2017 at 15:26 // Reply

    And some of us don’t have time to listen to one a week anyway!

  6. John Haines // October 12, 2017 at 18:00 // Reply

    Was it really you playing Forager at Firestorm? There were some good dice throws, including a double 10.
    I suspect a double or maybe the extra practice you’re getting is paying off.

    Best wishes, remember the sign off from Jay at the Veteren Wargamer, “If the wargaming you’re having isn’t any fun, you make it fun” – or something like that.

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