Too Fat Lardies launch ‘The Lardy Oddcast’

Having apparently toyed with the idea for a while, Too Fat Lardies have launched their very own podcast – The Lardy Oddcast.

In this show, Lardy regular Sidney Roundwood chats with the men behind TFL: Richard Clarke and Nick Skinner, about all things Too Fat Lardy related.

This is promised to be a semi-regular show, so look out for more in the not too distant future.

You can find out more details of Episode One of The Lardy Oddcast here

1 Comment on Too Fat Lardies launch ‘The Lardy Oddcast’

  1. After a listen, great start to the Lardies podcast effort. The banter between the three hosts and the answer to the “What is Lard?” question made it an entertaining listen.

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