Review: Deep Cut Studios Print-O-Mat

Rating:5 stars

Over the last couple of year, game mats have become have become a common accessory for players of all sorts of tabletop games, be it Miniatures Games, Boardgames, Card Games or Role Playing Games, with neoprene backed mats (mousepad material) seen as the premium product choice.

Up until now, these mats have primarily been available as an out-of-the-box product with a fixed format – whether it be a terrain mat for wargaming, marked out pitch for a tabletop sports game or a cool picture for your card mat. Custom printed gaming mats were also seen as premium add-ons for many miniature-related kickstarter projects.

Deep Cut Studio have just launched a new service for printing custom gaming mats – Print-O-Mat.

This service has been launched as a result of customer feedback, and features an easy to use interface for uploading your pictures to DCS’s website.

If you are wondering how to generate a picture, Deep Cut have added a couple of FAQ entries to their website:


I was given the opportunity to obtain a review sample of this product, including use of the interface. The interface really is easy – simply upload your image and click ‘preview’ – the interface will warn you if your image is of insufficient quality (150 DPI minimum) so the risk of having a mat printed of poor quality is much reduced.

print o mat

I decided to print a play mat for the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, using an image that had been uploaded to BoardGameGeek for this purpose. In this instance, the software on the Deep Cut site automatically sized the image to a 24″ x 28″ mat (double ‘standard’ card play mat size).

Then it was simply a case of choose what material you wanted (in this case, vinyl or mousepad) and then pay for the service – for this sized mat, I believe the cost was 39 EUR.

The mat arrived in just a few days (delivered by UPS), and I was imoressed with the result. The printing is good quality and seems to have a tough and durable finish.


The backing allows for the mat to be easily rolled up after use, but the rolls out wrinkle-free and flat in a matter of moments, ready to play.

My only (very minor) quibble was that I would have preferred to have the corners rounded, as opposed to cut square. I would imagine that this is something you can request in a comments section of your order – it’s a very small point, but worth noting if that’s what you expect.


Overall I was extremely happy with the ease of which the whole process worked. The interface is easy to use and the final product looks great.

Whether it’s your own card mat, board game or specific scenario layout, creating a high quality custom game mat has become so much easier – highly recommended.

You can find out more about Print-O-Mat from Deep Cut Studio here

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  1. this looks so nice I’ve brought one myself

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