Full Moon Jacket: Charlie don’t howl…

Dog-Soldiers-PosterDo you remember the film Dog Soldiers?

It was the directorial debut of Neil Marshall, who went on to make The Descent and Doomsday, and is directing the Hellboy reboot…

The premise of the movie was simple – a squad of British soldiers are dropped on exercise in the Scottish Highlands, and are subsequently attacked by a pack of werewolves.

It’s a story that I have always thought would make a great wargame scenario.

1 Box Render_preview.jpeg

Take that premise, transpose it to the Vietnam War, and you have basic plot behind a boardgame that is currently being funded on Kickstarter – Full Moon Jacket.

The is a co-operative game for 1-6 players. Each player takes a different role in a squad, with your objective to retrieve your Colonel who is lost in the depths of the Vietnam jungle – a jungle that appears to be infested, not with Viet Cong, but with Werewolves!

3 Character Team Render_preview.jpeg

The project is first produced by Strangely Games

It is running until the 22nd November 2017, and has a funding goal of £35,000 – it’s around 90% funded at time of writing.


The main box game will be due for release in October 2018, and has a pledge coat of £65. There are several add-ons of different scenarios and additional figures.

Also, if you want a budget version of the game, they are offering a print-and-play version for a pledge level of £15. This comes without miniatures, but is a high-res PDF of all your game components. This will be available in December of this year.

There is a copy of the rules to download on the kickstarter page, so you can get an idea about the game before you pledge, should you so wish.

I love the premise of this game, and I’m a fan of the Vietnam war setting, so this game is very tempting indeed.

You can find out more details of Full Moon Jacket here

2 Comments on Full Moon Jacket: Charlie don’t howl…

  1. Can I just say that Full Moon Jacket is a TERRIBLE title. Charlie Don’t Howl on the other hand is pretty fantastic.

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