Asset Drop – new subscription box for model painters

You may remember back in March I reviewed a subscription box service called Model Box. Whilst the service was interesting, I thought it perhaps had limited use for model collectors, unless you were happy for your collection to be somewhat eclectic, so actually much more suited to the painter rather than the wargamer.

I have recently become aware of another subscription box service – this one is aimed squarely at the miniature painter – it’s called Asset Drop.

For most of us, painting miniatures is a hobby that goes hand-in-hand with gaming with miniatures, and I think it’s safe to say that many of us own the odd pot of paint or two.

However, how often do you try out new products or techniques? Or do you prefer to stick with your tried and tested paints of choice?

Asset Drop provides a box of several different paint products each month, along with a painting guide providing advice on how they might be used.

The first box, produced in October, included:

  • Reaper Master Series Caucasian Flesh
  • Reaper Master Series Maiden Flesh
  • Reaper Master Series Flesh Wash
  • Lifecolor Liquid Pigment Grey/Black
  • Lifecolor Liquid Pigment Remover
  • Wilder Gunpowder Line Old Grease
  • Com Art Moniazo Orange
  • Com Art Permanent Red

Full content details of the box contents can be found here

Asset Drop are currently taking orders for their December Box. This will include 7 paints and a painting guide.

Prices for each box vary from £19.90/ month for a single month subscription, £19.50/month for a 3 month subscription or £18.90/month for a 6 month subscription, so you are obtaining the products at roughly 30% discount. Also 5% of each boxes profits are donated to charity.

Asset Drop are also planning on launching a paint store, and will offer discounts to subscribers of between 15-21%.

Whilst I’m not a massive fan of blind purchase subscription boxes, I know they have been very popular in other genres. I must admit, if there is one product that I think would be a success in the model hobby market, it would be paint, so I am very interested to see what Asset Drop provides.

Andy at Asset Drop has kindly offered to provide me with their November box for review, which I should hopefully get early next week. This will give me the opportunity to give you a full run down of the service before the next order deadline expires on 7th December.

Watch this space…


1 Comment on Asset Drop – new subscription box for model painters

  1. Seems a lot more practical than the miniatures crate at least.

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